Python OOP – Object Oriented Programming For Beginners

Python OOP – Object Oriented Programming For Beginners

Learn object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python with mini-projects, hands-on practice, and carefully designed visual explanations. Understand how the elements and abstractions of OOP work behind the scenes. Apply your knowledge to new scenarios. Object Oriented Programming is your next step into the in-demand and powerful world of Python.

  • Create and work with classes and examples to write Python programs.
  • Understand how they work behind the scenes.
  • Learn when to use instance attributes vs. class attributes.
  • Apply and call methods. Understand their purpose.
  • Leverage the power of inheritance to avoid code repetition.
  • Use key concepts like Docstrings and special methods in your programs.

Object Oriented Programming for Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • The principles of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Python.
  • How the elements of Object Oriented Programming work behind the scenes.
  • Understand how classes work and how you can create instances from classes.
  • Implement and call methods. Understand their purpose within classes.
  • Define instance attributes and class attributes. Learn their differences.
  • Use ‘self’ to refer to instances. Learn how it works behind the scenes.
  • Work with inheritance to reuse code, improve design, and avoid repetition.
  • Practice key aspects of OOP such as Docstrings and Special Methods.


  • Basic Python and programming knowledge (data types, variables, conditionals, loops, and functions).
  • Basic knowledge of lists, tuples, and dictionaries is required to complete the mini projects.
  • Python 3 and PyCharm, IDLE or any other Python IDE of your choice. PyCharm is used during the video lectures.
  • Coding exercises can be submitted directly in the browser.

Who this course is for:

  • New developers who know the basics of Python and would like to expand their knowledge.
  • Developers and Students who want to learn how to work with Object Oriented Programming.
  • Self-taught developers who wish to dive into the world of Object Oriented Programming from the basics.
  • Programmers who need to refresh their knowledge on this topic.

Why is this course unique?

This course is unique because of its emphasis on providing visual and detailed explanations of how the elements of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) work behind the scenes, so you will not only learn how to use them in Python, you will actually understand what each line of code does behind the scenes.

During the course, you will apply your knowledge by completing mini projects that simulate simplified real-world scenarios such as fixing classes in a bakery system, representing bacteria for educational software using instance attributes, implementing inheritance for a videogame, completing the system of a vending machine, and many more. Each mini project includes its corresponding solution.

Unique study materials complement the course experience. You will find PDF handouts specifically designed for the course with a graphical summary of the key aspects of each section.

You will solve coding exercises directly on the browser and you will receive instant feedback for your submission.

You will check your knowledge with short Quizzes after each main lecture. The Quizzes provide instant feedback, so you can see the correct answer immediately. The quiz questions were designed to make you think more deeply about the topics presented.

You will receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your social media profiles to showcase your new skills.

You will also have lifetime access to the course and to all the new additions.

You are very welcome to watch the preview lectures and check out the full course curriculum.

If you are looking for an engaging, visual, and practical course, you’ve found it.

Add “Object Oriented Programming in Python” to your resume and showcase your new skills!

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